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    Post by Guest on Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:08 am

    Job levels & applicable sub jobs:
    Main Jobs: Red Mage 75 Dancer 75 Black Mage 75
    Support Jobs: MNK WHM BLM RDM THF DRK SAM NIN DRG DNC (All 37+)
    I'll use whatever is required but I like to stay as DNC most of the time.

    Nation & Rank:
    Bastok Rank 10 (San d'Oria and Windurt Rank 10)

    Sky/Sea access (which missions are you on):
    Rise of Zilart: Awakening (ZM 16; Sky access)
    Chains of Promathia: The Savage (CoP 4-2; no sea)

    If you dont have Sky or Sea are you able to get in 2 months from now?
    Hopefully it won't take even that long.

    Would you be able to attend Dynamis part of the shell? (Tue 7pm Sat 5pm est.)
    I already have a Dynamis shell but if I must I'm willing to leave, the times are perfect
    so there's no problem with that.

    Your current LS & reason you are leaving:
    My current LS is mostly social.

    Why do you want to become a Legend:
    I always hear about these great merit parties and amazing gear, to me they're just a legend
    and hopefully becoming one will allow me to be around that kind of stuff.

    Do you have any references inside Legends (Please list names) :
    {Um...} Jaywurm?

    List any high level crafts:

    Any additional comments you would like to include:
    I'm free anytime from 5 EST on.

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