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    Post by Xeno on Fri Feb 12, 2010 3:01 am

    Job levels (only list ones 70+) & applicable sub jobs (please note
    if any jobs are retired and which jobs you like to play most):
    SMN, THF, DRG (Retired), BRD (Retired), SAM, COR.
    Sub jobs include : NIN, WAR, WHM, BLM, SCH, PLD, DNC and jobs listed above.

    I like to play all my jobs, but I don't want to be stuck coming as just one. Pretty much the same situation as Dynamis. :/

    Nation & Rank: Windurst 10, San d'Oria 5.

    Sky/Sea access (which missions are you on): RoZ is complete. Currently on CoP 6-4, airship fight.

    you dont have Sky or Sea are you able to get in 2 months from now? I'm
    hoping. Can never find people to help with the fight, and when I do,
    people don't know what they're doing.

    Would you be able to attend Dynamis part of the shell? (Tue 7pm Sat 5pm est.) Currently do.

    Your current LS & reason you are leaving: Don't have a current LS. Left PandorasBox for unnecessary drama.

    do you want to become a Legend: There's still a lot in this game I
    want, I want to offer my services and experience the more end-game
    notions of this game.

    Do you have any references inside Legends
    (Please list names) : Dynalegends. Does that count? :/ I can't remember
    everyone's name, Jay. ; ~;

    List any high level crafts: 65 Cooking, 51 Alchemy

    Any additional comments you would like to include: Uh... Shut up, woman. Get on my horse?

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    Xenophire's Application Empty Re: Xenophire's Application

    Post by Jaywurm on Fri Feb 12, 2010 8:01 am

    LOL well finally someone posts app correctly without asking them to!

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