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    rorix abyssea wishlist


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    rorix abyssea wishlist Empty rorix abyssea wishlist

    Post by rorixislegend on Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:59 am

    Abyssea Konschtat
    Augur's Gaiters- Bloodeye Vileberry
    Ocelot Gloves- Eccentric Eye
    Ferine Mantle- Raskovnik

    Abyssea La Theine
    Bullwhip Belt- Ovni
    Heafoc Mitts- Ruminator(T3 VNM)

    Abyssea Attohwa
    Velox Harness- Ironclad Cleaver
    Eradico Mitts- Ulhuadshi
    Ferine Necklace- Yaanei

    Abyssea Misareaux
    Goetia Mantle- Ironclad Severer
    bst af3 feet

    Abyssea Vunkerl
    Ravagers Orb- Sippoy
    Ample Gloves- Iktomi

    BST BLM WAR seals and af3+2 items in that priority

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