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    Post by pheobus on Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:20 pm

    Job levels: BST THF NIN BRD SAM WAR

    Nation & Rank: Sandy Rank 6
    Sky/Sea access COP done V2 access Sky right after DM

    Would you be able to attend Dynamis part of the shell? (Tue 7pm Sat 5pm est.) Try my best RL has chance of coming up work/getting ready to move during next couple week.

    Your current LS & reason you are leaving: its Social XBL Shell

    Why do you want to become a Legend: What im not one already!

    Do you have any references inside Legends: Jaywurm

    List any high level crafts:NO

    Any additional comments you would like to include: I would like to add all the lyrics from the song

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