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    Post by Guest on Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:24 pm

    Job levels (only list ones 70+) & applicable sub jobs (please
    note if any jobs are retired and which jobs you like to play most): SAM75, DRG75, BLM75, RDM75 (retired), SCH72. Pretty much all subjobs for all jobs (/NIN, /DRK, /WAR, /THF, /WHM, etc.)

    Nation & Rank: Currently Windy Rank 5, have Sandy Rank 7-1

    Sky/Sea access (which missions are you on): Have Sky access, ZMs complete; No Sea yet, on CoP 6-4.

    If you dont have Sky or Sea are you able to get in 2 months from now? Most likely.

    Would you be able to attend Dynamis part of the shell? (Tue 7pm Sat 5pm est.) Yes.

    Your current LS & reason you are leaving: None, left PandorasBox due to unnecessary drama and headaches.

    Why do you want to become a Legend: Need a good sky (and possibly sea) shell that doesn't put up with lame drama BS from anyone.

    Do you have any references inside Legends (Please list names) : Xenophire and Makare in DynaLegends.

    List any high level crafts: WW45 is my highest craft

    Any additional comments you would like to include: I've got leadership experience in Sky, as well as Dynamis. I don't put up with crap very well and I love to help people out. Been looking for a good EGLS for a while now, still haven't found one that really fits my personality, hope AsuraLegends will be the one!

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