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    Post by Superwar on Wed Dec 16, 2009 3:18 pm

    Job levels: BLM73, WAR75, PLD75, Subjobs: NIN, WAR, WHM, SAM

    Nation & Rank: Sandoria 10

    Sky/Sea access (which missions are you on): Yes and yes

    If you dont have Sky or Sea are you able to get in 2 months from now? Already got them

    Would you be able to attend Dynamis part of the shell? (Tue 7pm Sat 5pm est.) Maybe

    Your current LS & reason you are leaving: Looking for a good salvage, znm ls.

    Why do you want to become a Legend: So I can help people out. I'm really wanting to get better with blm because it turned out to be a lot more fun but I don't want to be a lolpld, lolwar, or lolblm anymore.

    Do you have any references inside Legends (Please list names) : Jomen, Jaywurm

    List any high level crafts: None:(

    Any additional comments you would like to include: I usually run with Jomen who is a pretty good sam and friend. I helped him and a group get a lot of what they needed and realized I really enjoy helping people so I want to help this ls become one of the best. Maaaan, also Jomen made me apply for this haha. But I really am interested;p

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