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    Some genral guidelines to follow


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    Some genral guidelines to follow Empty Some genral guidelines to follow

    Post by Jaywurm on Tue Mar 10, 2009 12:47 pm

    These are just some general guidelines to keep in mind.

    1. Consistent Foul language gets old (ex. every other word is fook).
    2. Respect. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
    3. Be Prepared! Please be prepared (i.e. echo drops, sneak oils, prism powders, potions) when going to events and do your research.
    4. Begging in any form will not be tolerated. Begging includes repeatedly asking for Money, Teleports, Items.
    5. Keep the drama in /tell DO NOT bring personal drama into ls.
    6. Please do not exp/do other things during event time. Those that do not have sea should be working on it while the ls does sea events.

    Be respectful to one another.
    Any type of racial or immediate disrespect to another member you will have your pearl broken no warnings, this will NOT be tolerated.

    VIEWPOINTS - One thing we all need to know and have respect for is definitely people's viewpoints. Things like religion, politics, lifestyles, and how we play the game are some examples of topics where everyone will have their own opinions and we need to be respectful of these opinions even if we disagree. If someone says something you disagree with, you do not need to argue or have your say in it. Sometimes the best things are left unsaid. We may not agree with some things but there is no need to hurt someone's feelings, bash them, or stress your point of view.

    If there is a constant disrespect of others in the LS, you will be warned and if it does continue your pearl will be broken.

    You can talk to the LS leader (or an Officer) about anything. If you have any issues, whether it be about the LS, other Officers or the Leader, we will be all ears. if you want to have another Officer present, we can do that as well.

    If you have an issue with another member please take it up with them in tells, but be respectful about it. Do NOT argue inside the LS. If you would like to have an Officer with you to get an issue resolved, one would be more than happen to assist. I would strongly recommend this so there will be no he said she said type of thing.

    You will be getting warnings if there is constant drama brought into the LS. After 2 or 3 warnings you will be put on probation and if it doesn't stop your pearl will be broken.

    There will be no using the LS just to see if you can get help and then switching to another. We all want to help one another but some things may have to be scheduled to make sure we have enough people with the right jobs.

    Although we would love for Legends to be your main and only LS, we have no problem if you have another LS. We do ask that you do check the /lsmes and forums on a regular basis to be aware of any events going on so you can be prepared, on time and don't miss something you may need.

    Everyone needs to keep information gained in Legends (i.e. ToD for NM/HNMs, scheduled sky/sea days, etc...) to Legends and not discuss or chat about it to other LS's. As mentioned above, we have no problem, at this time, if you have another LS, but please do not disclose any information that may hinder our fun. If you are caught doing this your pearl will be broken.

    You are to be on time and ready when an event starts. If you are not on time and ready there is a big chance you will be left behind. Events will be posted in advance to give you enough time to be ready for them. So please stay up to date with them.

    Please do not complain about the LS in the LS. If you have issues to bring up please speak to Leader or an Officer to resolve your issues. If there is a need an LS meeting can be scheduled.

    Remember, be respectful of others in the LS and more importantly Final Fantasy is just a game so have fun!!!

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